curly hair care made easy

We are on a mission to create the best products for curly, wavy and textured hair, while providing transparent and scientific information about our ingredients and processes. Our products are for all curl types and textures: wavy, curly, coily, kinky, fine, dense, thin, thick and everything in-between. Cultural bias forces many people to conform to non-inclusive hair standards. We're committed to eliminating all such biases, creating a supportive community and kindling social change to ensure inclusive and transformative hair experiences for everyone.

our difference

High performing ingredients. Constantly optimizing formulas. Pioneering curl care.


what we do

Coco Curls helps people embrace their naturally curly, wavy or textured hair. The hair care industry is biased towards long, straight and silky hair. Big banner commercials rarely feature curly haired leads. You would never see curls in hair product ads. Salons don't provide the kind of care curls need. Mainstream fashion just doesn't factor in curls. There is a societal and cultural obsession with straight, "proper" hair. At Coco Curls, we create products that are made for curls and waves so you no longer have to feel left out.

our origin

Coco Curls came into being when we couldn't find any local products specially made for South Asian and Middle Eastern curls.

who we are

We're a group of millennial women (and a few men), working to create the best hair care products for people like us with curly, wavy and textured hair. We believe everyone should be able to express themselves through their hair, regardless of their hair type and texture. We strongly uphold diversity, inclusivity and individuality. We are all free to make our own hair choices.

our commitments

Conscious consumerism. Mindful choices. Safe ingredients.

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we believe in

Celebrating diversity

Breaking stereotypes

Ensuring product safety

Making eco-friendly choices